Fineman Medical solutions

We provide complete clinical hardware solutions for the health sector, when you need to implement your software project. We take responsibility for project management, delivery, implementation, installation and follow-up.

Previously, we have successfully delivered:

  • Diagnostic monitors throughout Denmark
  • All in One PCs
  • Hygienic keyboards
  • Mounting solutions that are tailored to hospitals’ arrangement like columns, wall rails and trolleys. We also provide 3rd party suppliers’ mounting equipment like patient monitors or blood pressure devices. We have also provided solutions for operating rooms, intensive care and neonatal-section
  • Various equipment
  • Service, installation, quality control, etc.


We have a wide selection, in the following categories:

Clinical monitors

The clinical monitors ensure an optimized X-ray rendering and are medically approved. The clinical monitors are designed for outpatient clinics, medical departments and orthopedic surgical departments.

The clinical monitors are available in 19″-27″ and in a resolution from 1.3 MP to 3.7 MP.

Diagnostic monitors

Designed for radiological examinations and modalities. With the diagnostic monitors you will get the most optimal conditions for diagnosis. Luminance stabilizer, high-resolution, front sensor and QA surveillance are just some of the features we offer.

The diagnostic screens are available in monochrome (grayscale) or colors and in a resolution from 1.3MP to 12MP.

Hygenic keyboards

With a hygienic keyboard you will avoid a dirty and bacteria filled keyboard. The keyboard is medically approved and is easy to clean.

Mounting for monitors

With our adjustable monitor arms, also known as flat panel arms, you will avoid to become locked into a bad working posture.

Operating room monitors

Our screens for operating rooms ensure high quality and are designed for endoscopy, laparoscopy, intervention and radiology.

The operating room monitors are available from 19 “-82”, in a resolution from 1.3 MP to 8MP.

DICOM preset monitors

Our monitors with DICOM preset function are optimized for X-ray viewer, and are ideal for viewing medical images.

The DICOM preset monitors are especially designed for hospital departments that use WEB viewer to observe X-rays.